Tech & Service

We can tune any model car and recommend the type of fuel that will suit your model car (to support the best performance).

Service will usually take 1 day (drop off in the morning and pick up in the afternoon). If you are different state, you can send your car in for service and have it sent back (this usually takes 3 days) and still supporting in 3 months.

Once your car has been tuned, it does not need to be tuned ever again, as long as the recommended fuel and glow plugs are used.

Novarossi pullstart engine:

Can replace Novarossi 22812 pullstart by SH ts1a-3 with SH ts1b (shaft)

chung yang zenoah engine tune

Low needle (right screw turn out 1 and less hafl turn, high needle (left screw turn out 1 and hafl turn) with 25:1 fuel mixed with synthetic

Fail safe setup

   Arrma TTX300:

 Keep your car off the ground. Turn on Tx (make sure Th trim, St trim at neutral or Zero position), Turn on Rx.

If you want to keep your car at this neutral, just press Rx's bind button. The red light will be flash and solid agian.

Turn off your Tx, your car should be neutral. Your fail safe is active.

    Hitec Lynx

Keep your car off the ground. Turn on Tx (make sure Th trim, St trim at neutral or Zero position), Turn on Rx.

 If you want to keep your car at this neutral (for electric car), just press and hold Rx's bind button until the red light flash and off .

Turn off your Tx, your car should be neutral. Your fail safe is active

 If you want to keep your car at the brake position (for nitro car), Push your trigger to the brake. Press and hold Rx's bind button until the red light  flash and off .

Turn off your Tx, your car should be at the brake position. Your fail safe is active

 Ikonik HRS3.2

 Turn on Rx, Tx.

Push Tx's throttle to the brake and press the opposite of reverse button about 5 second to activate

The Rx's red light blinking and solid.

Please turn off Tx to check the fail safe work as you expected.

Binding receiver and transmitter of

Futaba 4PV to R314SB, R304SB (T-FHSS)

Turn on Tx, Joging to select Receiver (norm,high) down to Exce (20 second count down),

Turn on Rx, press SW. The light should be solid. The binding procedure is done.

   When using an Receiver S-FHSS(SFH) system (R2104GF, R204GF-E, etc).

Turn on Tx,

Turn on Rx, press SW. The light should be solid. The binding procedure is done

Tamiya 2.4GHz of TT01,DF02

Connect the power to B socket, the binding plug to a socket 1 or 2. Keep press Rx's "SW"  and turn on power until LED blinking.

 Press the  Tx's "FSW" binding button and turn on power. The Rx's LED is solid. It is done. Turn off  Rx ,Tx. Disconnect the Rx's binding plug.

 Connect ESC, Steering servo in Rx. Turn Tx ,Rx on. It will be ready to play.

Traxxas TQI

  *Hold down RX's link button and turn on power. TheRx's  LED will be blinking.

  *Hold down Tx's set button and turn on  power. The Tx's and Rx's LED will be red blinking and solid green. They are ready to play.

Hitec Lynx 4S

Select RX-bind for Axion 2, Axion 4 for the digital servos and Proton 4 for all servos, press "start". It will be blinking 6 color to find Rx.

Press on "bind" button and turn Rx on, the light will be blink and solid blue. The binding complete.

 HPI TF-40 Binding

Turn on Tx, point into Bind hole and switch on Rx. (the light should be blinking.

Press bind Tx, both Tx and Rx 's lights solid. You complet binding.

DJI Phantom4 pro

Required Linkingfunction when Tx's solid red Light and aircraft's solid red Light "Aircraft disconnected"

Select Tx''s Linking, press "start", the red  light will be blinking. Use the pin to press in the red light of aircraft, the light will be solid green.

Tx's light will be blue, press " finish" of linking function.  Procedure is done and ready to fly.


Turn on Tx, Rx

Keep pressing Tx's and Rx's binding button about 10 sec

It will be flashing light and solid. It should be ready to use

Required calibrating

Sweelpro Splash Drone Fisherman 3 plus

 Must push 4 top sticks upward before power on the hand controller and keep 2nd left top stick at midle to save power

 No propellers attached , leveling the drone

 Must complete Compass & Accelerometer Calibration before unlock the drone

       (The top 3rd right top stick at AATI mode, the 4th top right stick at normal mode)

      (Push left stick to right, bottom corner and the right stick to left, bottom corner)

 Must lock the drone before touching or attaching propellers

     (Push left stick to left, bottom corner and the right stick to right, bottom corner)

Must note the red color guilded of the gimbal and the red color of the drone outlet before attaching the gimbal




 Must complete Compass & Accelerometer Calibration again

Wingland Minivet

Required calibrating, unlock the motor and lock the motor for your safety


*3D storm,CPX
-Switch off transmitter
-turn on Receiver and press binding button on the receiver's under surface (red light flashing slowly).
-Turn on Transmitter.
-The both lights will be flashing quickly and solid green.Binding is done.

*Quattro X

         Required calibrating and unlock the motor to start

Calibrating procedure:

-Turn off Tx.Connect the fully charged battery to Rx (green,red light issounding and flasing until slowly), close the battery hatch.Turn Tx on,sounding.Put Tx (SWA,SWB is "0" position,throttle at the bottom) close to Quattro and move SWA stick up and down about 10 time until green light off and yellow light quickly flashing. Put Tx aside. Rotating Quattro 2 clockwise horizontally until yellow light flash slowly . Turn pointing down Quattro and rotate about 3 clockwise until the red,green light flashing again. Binding is done.

 Unlock procedure:

-Turn on Tx SWA,SWB at "0" position and bottom throtle stick and Rx . Sound and light flashing. Holding down left stick (for Mode 1) to the right bottom to release locking security about 5 second.The red light will be solid. Quattro is ready to take off. It is ready to take action. (Be aware of proppeler spining ).

Swellpro follow me

If still can not unlock the drone. Please check the led light of Rx solid red or flashing. If it is flashing, will need binding procedures and start again of calibration

Swellpro binding procedures:

Take the spc-01 unit out of the drone, connecting a loop connector at B/VCC, power up.

Make sure 4 top sticks are upward. Pressing down the top left button while turn Tx on. The LED light solid on the drone  and Tx , so it is bound.

Traxxas  TQI

-Pressing set button of Transmitter while turn on switch (flashing red light slowly),release button
-Pressing set button of Receiver while turn on ESC (flashing red light slowly),release button.
-The both light Tx,Rx will be solid green.Binding is done.


put la binding plug on Rx's bind button while turn power on 

Turn on Tx. It is all

Great Vigor

   2.4GHz  CY300 Tx, XY3000
-turn on Tx
-Tunr on Rx,pressing bind button while keep Tx as close as you can until green light on.It is bound

   2.4GHz  GT2

-Turn off Tx

-fit the bind plug CH3. Turn on power Rx. The red LED will be flashing to go to the matching status.

-Press and hold the match button, turn on Tx. The Red LED of Rx should be solid. It is bound.

-Release the match button of Tx, take off the bind plug.

-Turn off Tx, Rx. It should be ready to test. If fail, please try again.

-For using the KT-201 binding with the KR200 receiver is required.
.turn on Tx
.Switch Rx on then press in the binding hole.When each servo respond properly.
.Binding is complete.

-For using the Perfex KT-18 (mini Z).
.Keep Pressing a binding button Tx while turn on power,the blue light will be on and flashing.
.Keep pressing a bind button Rx (car) while turn on power,the red light will be on,flashing and solid.
.Binding is done

 For using MiNi Z MR03 Ready set

-Turning and hold on Tx while press power on.

-Take body off the car, press bind button in the midle while turn the switch on.

-Turn off Tx, Rx. Turn on Tx, Rx. They are ready to play.

 Syncro  KT-331P (KR-331)

Press the Rx's binding button while turn it on (by tooth pick/ binding stick included), the red light will be flashing wait for Tx

(Select the model number/ correct all of the ajusting button right to neutral). Turn Tx on, the Rx's light should be solid.

The procedure is completed

Failsafe set up: Move your Tx's throttle to a desired position (brake) while push Rx's bind button once, the light should be flashing twice and solid

Checking your failsafe by turning Tx off, the throttle will be at your desired position

Setting is done


-For Tx/AX3 and Rx/AR3
.Insert binding plug in Rx's ch 3
.Turn on Rx,Led keep flashing to seek Tx
.Press Tx's Bind button,turn on.Wait until Rx's led solid,release bind button.
.Remove Rx's bind plug ,turn Rx's power off,turn Tx's power off.
.Turn Tx's power on,turn Rx's power on.It should be bound completely.Other way,do the same procedure.

Skyrion,Helion HRS-3.1

Ikonnik ET4ds

-For SGK-3 TX ,GFSK Rx and Ikonnik Xenon 4ch Receiver

.Press bind button of Rx and turn on power.Rx's LED should blinking to search Tx
.Keep Tx close to RX.

.Press REV button of TX and turn on power, LED should be blinking about 10 second
.When the LED of TX,Rx are solid, Binding is completed..Other way,do the same procedure.


1.Turn on Tx, Rx (LED  start blinking)

2.Turn off Tx, press bind (pair/rev) button and turn on Tx, press the bind button Rx. The LED should be solid. It is done

.Press match button down (Rx) while turn on Rx.The LED light keep blinking to find Tx.
.Turn on Tx (keep close to Rx).It will take about 3 second to bind.The LED light will be solid.So the
binding is done.If can not complete,just start over again.

Hobby Tech

1.Press binding button, switch on Rx. The LED will blink.

2.Press binding button,turn on Tx.. The LED of  Rx will be solid. It shoulbe ready to use

  Hard (Team Magic)

1. With both Transmitter and Receiver turn off.

2. While holding down the rx's bind button, apply power to Rx (LED will satr flashing.

3. Turn Tx on. It will go to binding mode.

4. When the receiver's led shines steady, binding is complete.

  Team Orion

 1. Make sure the car standing off the ground. Press ESC's set button while turn on and turn on Tx,

 2.Keep the Tx' throttle at nutral, press Rx's set button and green light flashing 1 time

 3. Keep the Tx' throttle at max accelation, press Rx's set button and green light flashing 2 times

 4.Keep the Tx' throttle at full brake, press Rx's set button and green light flashing 3 times and tunr back red. It is ready to play

Nine Eagles

J6 and 180D

 1.Turn on the coach switch (trainer switch) while turn on Tx.LCD will display S-H,flashes, the buzzer makes a gapped sound

2.Turn on Rx, the indicator light flashes intermittently.Flashing fast and get into the coding status.

3.The light of Rx shine constantly and Heli responds in a idle position, the Tx gets into the standby status.No more buzzer.It is ready to check.If fail just start over again.



  0.Prepare fresh water in kitchen sink is ideal for binding (water censor detached)

1.Place AA batteries in Tx

2.Connecting the fully charged battery into the lead of (ESC) in the Boat.

3.Turn on Tx,the red LED on, the green LED flashing, indicating it is searching for the Rx (Boat).

4.While the green LED Tx is flashing (in 5 second). Place the boat in water.

5.The green LED Tx will stay on solid and you can move throttle and steering.It is done


1.Turn off Tx

2.Press SW of Rx while turn on the ESC (power of Rx).The green light will be blinking to wait Tx

3.Turn on Tx.The green light of Rx will be solid.It is done.If not just repeat procedure.

Sanwa /Airtronic

Binding RX-451R and M11X

1.Make sure Tx is set to FH3 by sliding display button to turn on Tx and click Inc/Dec (+/-) button to select FH3

2.Go to" Setup" to SYS (binding function) using (*) ready to bind and see "Enter" instead.

3.Holding down binding button Rx (451R) while turn on Rx.The blue light will flash slowly to find Tx.

4.Press (Enter button) of Tx. The blue light of Rx flashing quickly and solid.It is done.Other way just try again.

 Binding RX-422FS and M11X

1.Make sure Tx is set to FH2 by sliding display button to turn on Tx and click Inc/Dec (+/-) button to select FH2.

2.Start of step 2,3,4 above .

Chang Model number of M11x

1.Make sure Tx is off. Sliding and holding display button untill on and click Inc/Dec (+/-) to change number or make another number and name it.

2.Sliding display button again to turn off screen. Turn on Tx, now we have new number, new name which is ready to play, to bind.

RX-371WP and FHSS-2 (MX-3FG).

1.Tx on

2. Depress and hold Rx's binding button while turn on Rx, after 3 second, release the bind button.The blue light will flash slowly.

3.Depress  binding button while turn on Tx until Rx's light flash quickly and solit. The binding process is successfull.

Spektrum MRX200/ STX2

Insert a bind plug into bind slot.  Connect a fully charged battery and power ESC

Receiver's light flashing indicating Rx in binding mode

Center ST trim, TH trim. Turn ST wheel to the fully right while turning on Tx

Release ST wheel, Rx's light will be solid.

Remove a bind plug, turn off ESC to save the setting and turn off Tx. It should be ready to play.

 DX6, DX6e

Conect the binding key into Rx's bind slot then turn power on, the light should be flashing wait for Tx

Pull the Tx's train stick (top left conner) backward and throttle stick to top (max) then turn Tx on, Tx will sound beep

The Rx's light should be solid

Procedure is completed

Binding Acoms Tx to DR-224

 Turn off Tx, Rx.

 Press the set button at the back and Turn on Tx, the light will blinking slowly

 Press the set button Rx and Turn on, the light blinking slowly and solid. It is bound

Binding Hobao

   (HB-2.4g, Power / D/R Button on top for MT)

-Keep TX close to the car. Hold CH3 while turn Tx on, the led flashing blue, beeping.

-Turn Rx on, press and hold  the bind button until Rx's light flashing slowly.

 -Turn off Tx and back on. The Rx's led should be solid. The process is completed.

  CY300 (HB HT-2.4EF /FHSS 3ch/ MT nitro)

 -Turn on Tx, green solid light.

- Turn on Rx (red color), keep pressing the bind button until green solid. It is bound

 Feilun FT Series

- Connecting the boat battery. Place boat in water to deactivate safety circuit cut-off

-Turn on Tx as soon as possible to pair. It will take approx 10sec to hear noise, checking the rudder moving , binding is done

-The boat can operate in water only

Hobao reverse

Press and hold the arrow on the TH R/N or ST R/N button for fw seconds until hearing beeping sound

Hobao Failsafe

CY300 Tx: Turn on Rx with full power, turn on Tx with full power. Push a trgigger to brake, keep pressing F/S button on Tx's board (last, bottom left) until ST-DR led flashing.

  ST-DR led solid light on. It is done. Please try to turn off Tx to see your Throttle hold to the brake positon as you expecting

HB-2.4Ghz : Failsafe is preset out of the box already. (if it not work as you expecting)

   Can turn on RX (full power), turn on Tx (full power). Push Tx's trgigger to brake position you want, press Rx's F/S failsafe (right top corner) until led turn green. It is done

  Please try to turn off Tx to see your Throttle hold to the brake positon as you expecting

Absima cr3p

 Reverse: Select "REV" press Enter to select 1,2 or 3 then press "SET" to go to "NOR" or "REV" flashing and press enter to select


Sanwa M11X to Hobby Wind ESC

1.Make sure Tx neutral (0) position.

2.Hold set button of ESC while turn on switch.Press set button Rx 1 time,One beep,flash 1 time,finish neutral.

3.Hold Max throttle position while press set button Rx 1 time,2 beep,flash 2 time,finish forward.

4.Hold Brake (Reverse/opposite) position while press set button Rx,3 beep, flash 3 time,finish reverse.It is done.Turn off ESC.Start again,it should be ready other way do again.

 Hobbywind Sea King ESC 130A  (5S-12S Lipo battries. Forward and neutral only. No BEC)

It is required to calibrat ESC to your hand controller. Connect a long signal cable to Rx's ch2.

1.Turn Tx on with maximum throttle (accelation) stick. Turn on ESC with 5s- 12s battries and external 6v battery connected to Rx. You will hear 2 beep tone to confirm max throttle.

2.Release Tx to neutral throttle. You will hear 1 beep tone to confirm neutral throttle. Now throttle rage process is finished.

 Vision ESC to Speed passion BL Motor 6.5T.

1.Set Throttle trim  "0" position, and reverse switch. Turn off Tx. Hold down the set button while turn on ESC, red flash light kepp blinking. 

2.Keep Tx at neutral. Press the set button, one beep and flashing green linght.

3.Keep Tx at max acceleration (forward). Press the set button, two beep and flashing green light.

4.Keep Tx at max reverse. Press the set button, 3 beep and flashing green light.

5.It will take about 3 second to start working.

Red Back , Beast calibration

1. Press, hold the set button switch on ESC and release button when blue light turn solid

2. Make sure Tx's throttle trim at "0" positon. Pull trigger max position, red light will flashing and beeps once confirmed

3. Push the trigger to full brake, blue LED flashing and beeps twice confirmed

4. Trigger back neutral, The both red and blue LEDs blink and beeps 3 times confirmed

5.Turn off ESC to save the setting

6. Turn ESC  back on. It is ready to use

 Team Orion ,  calibration

1.Press set button while turn esc's power on

2. Turn on Tx, keep Th trim, St trim at neutral. Press esc's set button

3. Pull Tx's trigger full accelarate,  press esc's set button

4. Push Tx's triggger full brake, press esc's set button. It is done, wait until routine finish

  Castle Creations, Leopard Calibration

1. Put your car on the block off the ground, make sure Tx's throttle trim "0" position, turn on ESC

2. Pull and hold your TX's trigger to Max and turn on Tx to hear ESC's the sound singing until beep beep and yellow light blinking

3. Push your Tx's trigger to brake until to hear the sound singing until beep beep and yellow light blinking

4. Leave your Tx's trigger back to neutral to hear the sound singing and anothe long singing. your calibration is done


Servo Spline

23T (Airtronics, JR, KO, Sanwa, Spektrum, Swellpro, Arrma)

24T (Hitec)

25T (Futaba, Kyosho, HPI, Assiociated, Sanwa, Traxxas, Thunder Tiger, Colt, Losi, Carisma, Hobao, Team Magic, Axial, WL toys, River Hobby, Caster racing)


Reversing servo Thor TX3s (Team Magic)

  • Press and hold “ST R/+” key button
  • While pressing “ST R/+” key button, turn on the transmitter power switch
  • Two short “beep” sound indicate conformation
  • Now the steering has reversed


Reversing servo Traxxas TQ i
  Hold Menu button 3 second,menu click 2 green led,set 1green/st or 2green/st.Set 1red/st or 2red/th.
  Off power.On again,it should be opposite direction

 Traxxas TQ

 Turn on Tx, Rx. Keep holding Tx's set button until the light blinking

 Turn Steering Wheel to Max direction and  press Tx's set button. The Steering support to go opposite direction.

Reversing Skyrion SGK-3, Ikonnik ET4, Helion
 For Throttle reverse "Lift the car off the ground/or on the block".Pull the throttle trigger max and press "REV" for 2 second to reverse
 For Steering reverse.Pull the steering wheel left or right max and press "REV" for 2 second to reverse

Chang mode 1 to mode 2
Twister 3DX,CPX
-Remove 4 screws at the back
-Remove the silver metal ratchet lever and screw from the gimbal on the left-hand side. This is the throttle ratchet. Physically relocate it to the gimbal on the right-hand side. Rotate the metal ratchet 180 degrees.
-Undo the spring from stud of the left arm gimbal.Swap to the right.
-Holding main menu button and sub menu button simultinously then turn on switch,keep pressing main button until to see "STICKR" then click sub menu button to change "STICKL".Turn off Heli,It is ready to be mode 2
Flick the fourth switch (from the left,next of SW2) up for Mode 2 or down for Mode 1

  Ares Optim 300

 Remove Throtle gimbal( right hand) and elevator gimbal (left hand) to swap.

  Dissoldering and solder Reverely polarity for each gimbal (red to black and black to red)

  Swap spring over from right to left.

  Now it is mode 2

Great Plane real flight Interlink (mode 1 to mode 2)

Applies To

RealFlight 6
RealFlight G5
RealFlight G4
RealFlight G3
RealFlight G2 w/ InterLink
RealFlight G2 Lite


The following is instruction to change a Mode 1 RealFlight InterLink Controller to Mode 2.


Medium Phillips-head screwdriver
Hemostats (preferred), or needle nose pliers

Please read all instructions carefully before you begin this conversion. Great Planes will not accept responsibility for incidental damage to your InterLink controller or personal computer as a result of failure to adhering to these instructions properly. Please contact RealFlight Support prior to performing this conversion if you have any questions about this procedure.

  1. Make sure your RealFlight InterLink Controller is completely disconnected from your computer. Failure to do so could result in permanent damage to your InterLink and/or your computer. 

  2. Remove the four screws from the rear of the controller, remove the case rear half, and lay the controller face-down on your workspace.

  3. Remove the silver metal ratchet lever and screw from the gimbal on the left-hand side. This is the throttle ratchet. Physically relocate it to the gimbal on the right-hand side. Rotate the metal ratchet 180 degrees, so the screw hole is now on the bottom right side of the gimbal, and the ratchet end is now pointing upward nearest the switch on the top right side, and resting on the ribbed surface of the gimbal. Line up the lever's hole over the plastic mounting stud on the gimbal, insert the screw and tighten to a snug fit (making sure the lever maintains proper alignment over the ribbed area of the gimbal). DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN, as the plastic gimbal may become easily stripped

  4. On the right-hand gimbal, notice there is an arm-and-spring type lever mounted vertically along the inner-left side of the gimbal, the spring attached at the lower end to a plastic mounting stud. This arm and spring assembly must now be moved to the left-hand gimbal. Using pliers, gently pry the head of the spring upwards off of the plastic arm. Now remove the spring and arm from the gimbal (this may require slight maneuvering of the parts to get them out from behind the main body of the gimbal). NOTE: Pivot the arm outward, then slide to the side to remove it from the gimbal.

  5. Looking at the left-hand gimbal from the back, on the inner-right side, notice similar arm and spring mounting lugs as were on the other gimbal, except the spring lug is now on the top end and the pivot arm lug is on the bottom end. Take the arm just removed from the other gimbal, insert the pivot end onto the round pivot lug on the lower inside part of this gimbal and rotate the arm upward over the gimbal. With pliers or hemostat, grab one end of the spring which was removed from the other gimbal. Insert the spring down into the gimbal so the loop on the opposite end hooks onto the plastic lug located on the inside top-end of the gimbal. Once hooked, gently pull the opposite end of the spring outward and loop it over the end of the plastic arm. If any question arises to the assembly of the arm and spring assembly, refer to the arm already in place on the bottom of the gimbal as they are assembled in the same manner.

  6. Both gimbals are now in the Mode 2 configuration. No alteration of any wires is necessary. Reinstall the rear of the case onto the front half and re-install the four case screws.

  7. Simply enter the RealFlight program and check the configuration of the software to operate in the Mode 2 setting. This is found in the Controller Calibration dialog in the Options menu. No change to the Stick Mapping should be necessary to Mode 2

Foam safe painting :

Using Tamiya TS paint (spray can)

Keep the distance min 300mm to spray

Very First thin color and keep completely dry (or with fan-no hot) then Start second layer,drying until happy with strong color you like.

Spaz stix Brief instructions for painting Interior applications:

Use Spaz Stix Surface Prep Airbrush (SZX90050) or Aerosol (SZX90059) to clear the Lexan plastic of fingerprints and oils. The surface prep will flash off quickly.

Apply Mirror Chrome in thin layers, letting each layer cure until it is dry to the touch (time depends on thickness of coat, temperature and humidity levels).

Once desired coating is achieved, apply the new Spaz Stix Ultimate Black Backer for Mirror Chrome (SZX10200 airbrush) or (SZX10209 aerosol). A black backer is needed to achieve full reflective properties of the mirror chrome. Apply in thin layers.A water based black acrylic will also work as non etching backer to Mirror Chrome.

Once the backer is dry apply the Ultra Shine Clear Acrylic Enamel (SZX90109) to protect the paint from abrasive chemicals such as nitro fuel.


Traxxas Revo 3.3

Required TQI,6521,6520,6536,6542 (fly wheel w/magnet)

Mini-Z Sports troubleshooting Guide
Ver. 1.1 - 2013/12/17
Takuji Fukumoto
Kyosho Corporation
1. Steering servo works, but motor does not turn at all
Please make sure that the motor wires are screwed onto the RX unit tightly.
2. Steering neutral position is out of center too much
You can correct the neutral position following these steps:
(1) Turn on the chassis (leave the transmitter turned off).
(2) Make sure that the steering trim is at the center.
(3) Move the front tires to the center position with your fingers.
(4) Push and hold the pairing button on the chassis until the LED flashes fast two times and goes off.
(5) Turn on the transmitter. The neutral position should be corrected. If it is still not at the center position, repeat above steps.

3. Transmitter is not working correctly

Follow these steps to reset the transmitter to the factory default setting:
(1) Turn off the transmitter if it is on.
(2) Make sure that the steering trim knob is at the center position
(3) Turn the G.SPD L knob fully to the counterclockwise direction (anticlockwise).
(4) Position of G.SPD H knob does not matter.
(5) Turn the steering wheel to the fully right position and push the throttle away to the full-brake position and hold them.
(6) Turn on the transmitter. The LED should flash rapidly, this means you are now in the factory mode.
(7) Release the steering wheel and throttle lever.
(8) Turn the steering wheel fully to the left, right, left and right, and then release it.
(9) Pull/push the throttle lever to full-throttle, full-brake, full-throttle, and full-brake, and then release it.
(10) Turn the G.SPD L knob to the right most position. The LED should become solid.
(11) Turn off the transmitter and on it again. You are done.
4. Front tires vibrates left and right and do not stop
Steering servo’s potentiometer might be broken or defective. Replacing it with a new one (part No. MZ8-4) should solve the vibration.

Sanwa Airtronics Rx 422FS can use for Sanwa MT4, M11X, MX-3FG Tx.


Sanwa Airtronics RX 462 FH4T used for MT-4, M12.

Sanwa Airtronics RX-471 FHSS-4 Surface 4ch Receiver for M12.

Airtronics RX 451R FHSS-3 for M11X, M12, MT-4.

HItec LYNNX4S 2.4GHz Telematric AFHSS (Adaptor Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum)

  .4 Channel Radio

  .Telemetry function (Speed Temp, RPM (GPS), Voltage and SPC)

  .Left or Right Steering Wheel

  .Play music function

  .30 Model Memory with 1 Switch -3 Step Slide. (30 more models,Music ,Warning sound can be added with micro SD card -not included)

  .12 Charactrer Model  & User Naming

  .Operation Voltage 4.8V-8.4V

  .Fail safe assigned by Tx screen

Wiring LRP (83330)  Brushless ESC to Brushed Motor and calibrad

Connect Orange (C pole) wire of ESC  to positive of a brushed motor

Connect  blue,yellow (A,B poles) wire of ESC together to negative of a brushed motor.

It should be ready to do speed-control set up (calibrading).

  .Rx is off, ESC is off, keep the car off the ground (on the block).

  .Turn on Tx, turn on ESC, red light is on waiting for set up.

  .Keep Tx at neutral, press set button once, green light will flash and motor beeps.

  .Hold full throttle of Tx, press set button, red  light will flash.

  .Hold full brake of Tx, press set button, 2 red light glowing.

  .It completes the set up procedure, your ESC is ready to use.

 ESC set up

-Radient Reaktor (Helion) RDNA0019 :Turn off ESC, hold down the button next to switch and turning ESC 's switch on and off until right choice

1 blink: off using 3000mah NiMh battery, max power

2 blink: Lipo battery (voltage cut off 6v to protect battery)

3 blink: NiMh battery coming with the car

Sunland heat shrink

Apply the film on the model. Adjust the iron 120 degree C and gently iron on the film for several times. The working temperature is not over 150 degree C

Hobbywing Program Card  Connection (Ace hobby with later design)

 Leave ESC's connector of Rx. Diconnect the fan's wire connector.

Connect the program card to that socket by the cable (provided male to male).then select the value.

WEIGHT to CST (centi-Stoke) Silicone Oil Conversion Chart

(Base on

10wt   = 100cst
15wt   = 150cst
20wt   = 200cst
25wt   = 275cst
30wt   = 350cst
35wt   = 425cst
40wt   = 516cst
45wt   = 610cst
50wt   = 710cst
55wt   = 725cst
60wt   = 810cst
70wt   = 900cst
80wt   = 1000cst

90wt   = 1130cst

100wt = 1325cst

Arrma Granite shocks use 350cSt (or 30wt) oil.
Arrma Kraton shocks use 550cSt (or roughly 43wt) oil.
Arrma Nero shocks use 1000cSt (or 80wt) oil.t

Losi 5ive-t Correct Insert Spacer for Clutch Pinion

Pinion  =  Insert

24t = #18  LOS252099
23t = #19  LOS252101
22t = #20  LOS252103 or LOS252107
21t = #21  LOS252105
20t = #20   LOS252103
19t = #19   LOS252101
18t = #18   LOS252099

Connect HW OTA WiFi express to your smart phone

- Download the app hw link v2.0 on your smart phone (ios samsung)

Connect the OTA to your ESC's fan socket by (Y connetor provided) or direct

  Keep your car off the ground. Turn on Tx, ESC. The ota's led light solid on

running your app until you can see the screen (parameters, data log, firmware update, setting).

  Press the conneted icon on top right coner of your phone to search your esc's parameter

Wait until your ESC's parameter appear on the screen. Click on that to use your password 888888 and confirm.

  Now you will see the top right icon flashing green  to be ready for your setup ( as parameters of your ESC or modify it)

Save your work before exiting

You can press the reset button at the back of hw OTA to go back the default setting or reconnect

 Soldering anti spark Yeti connectors

Soldering a female anti spark connector to red cable (positive) of ESC

Soldering a male connector to a black cable (negative) of ESC





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